Playing For Change, Stand by Me

[vimeo 2539741]

This video was my first introduction to Playing for Change project where vocals and instrument melodies were recorded from musicians from around the world and edited together resulting in one of the most beautiful and touching songs I have heard. There are more videos and songs now that the project has gotten more popular. Check out Playing for Change for more information.

True Motivation



I first heard of Dan Pink when browsing through some of the more popular talks on the TED website. Dan Pink has written books on career and businesses. In his latest book, he has taken a great interest in researching and publicizing what it is that motivates people. This content is what fueled his TED talk in July of 2009 and, more recently, another video that he put together. The general premise of these new ideas in motivation, as Philip Brewer puts it:

Paying more for excellent performance is not only a poor way to motivate people, it is actually counterproductive. When a large bonus depends on doing outstanding work, work quality declines. – Philip Brewer


We Can Live Anywhere

One of my favorite songs off the record Fluent In Stroll by Big D and the Kids Table

The Story of Bottled Water

So, you think that bottled water is safer, healthier and tastier to drink? Think again!
Via: Matador Change

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