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I found this video inspirational. I hope it inspires you to follow your dreams. Do yourself a favor and watch this in full screen, dim the lights and just lose yourself…

Teva Life Agent Grant

Mount Washington


I almost sprayed a coat of hot coffee all over my monitor when the words came up “Your Dream. Our Money. Earn it.” emphasized by the fact that the number “10,000” never looked quite so good. The marketing think-tank at Teva (pronounced “teh-vah”), makers of sandals and shoes made popular by adventure seekers of all types, really had something going. Their new promotion, a contest coined “Teva Life Agents”, is promising $10,000 not one but various new “Life Agents” that are willing to share the stories of their corporately funded adventure through blog posts, photos and videos. (more…)

Let the world change you

Chilled with this site

Santhosh Janardhanan

Let the world change you… and you can change the world
– The Motorcycle Diaries (Movie)

True Motivation



I first heard of Dan Pink when browsing through some of the more popular talks on the TED website. Dan Pink has written books on career and businesses. In his latest book, he has taken a great interest in researching and publicizing what it is that motivates people. This content is what fueled his TED talk in July of 2009 and, more recently, another video that he put together. The general premise of these new ideas in motivation, as Philip Brewer puts it:

Paying more for excellent performance is not only a poor way to motivate people, it is actually counterproductive. When a large bonus depends on doing outstanding work, work quality declines. – Philip Brewer


A look back to my trip to Southeast Asia

The White Temple during sunsetIn August of 2008, I embarked in a month-long trip to Southeast Asia. During my trip I made various posts describing my encounters and experiences. I have decided to go back and revise and reorganize my posts applying a lot of the new writing techniques I have learned over the last couple of months. I have removed some posts that were not interesting or just unnecessary. I have also renamed some of the posts so they are more relevant to the contents. It’s been a lot of fun to go down memory lane and read over my posts, the scribbled notes on my journal and the pictures. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! (more…)

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