Month in Review: April 2010

April has been a month of variety.

Things started off with a look back at PAX East convention that was held at the end of March in Boston. This convention marked an important convention in PAX history being not only as the first PAX of the east-coast but also being the first PAX outside of Seattle.

A deeper path was taken with some discussion on the benefits of having a positive attitude. While the idea of a “positive” attitude is often misunderstood, we see that there are indeed benefits to thinking positively.

A peak into one of the methods used in effective inter-personal communications – a hidden jewel that is often underrated but can produce great results when used properly. Who knew that just how you word things can make a big impact.

Back to back reviews of the adventure series starring Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman on their motorcycles as they traverse Asia from west to east and follow up by traversing Africa from North to South.

The Long Way Down

Long Way DownApparently, conquering the world’s largest continent was not enough of for everyone’s favorite English duo. Pushing the envelope of modern adventure, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman continue their motorcycle escapades in the television series “Long Way Down”.This time, the lines drawn on the map lead from the northern tip of Scotland to the southernmost coast of South Africa. Three years after their first adventure, “Long Way Down” takes on fourteen of the African countries. That’s right. I said fourteen.

The Long Way Round

I just had one of the most extraordinary days on The Road of Bones. We started at 7:30 and we didn’t stop for a break ’til 6:30 this evening. They were twelve of the most exciting hours of motorcycling I’ve ever done in my life, unbelievable. The roads were just deteriorated and deteriorated. We were riding on mud, gravel, and puddles, and pot holes, and rivers, and bogs. It was just everything thrown at us at once. – Ewan McGregor

“Adventure” is one of those interesting words. It really means something different to everyone. There are adventure movies, adventure books, and adventure sports, and then there are adventure toys and adventure games. Each of these carrying a different definition and with each definition a different interpretation. At some point in history, maybe when fewer and fewer discoveries were being made, adventure has become an adjective and not a noun. Most recently, I had the pleasure of coming across what I believe is a genuine adventure, noun, not adjective.