Why we Travel

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Exploration and Discovery

Over the past several years, I have come to realize the wonderful world “out there” for me to explore and experience. Over the past year, I have come to realize the wonderful world “in here” for me to explore and experience. I cannot figure out which of the two realizations I am most excited about. I wonder if they are one in the same, I just have not come to that understanding yet.

In heaven the beer is…

In heaven the beer is Belgian. The bread and cheese are French and the beaches are Brazilian. The waves are from Australia and the landscape from New Zealand. All the prices are Cambodian.

In heaven the soup is Vietnamese but the goulash is Hungarian. The city squares are Czech and the meadows are Irish. The bars are Irish too, but you don’t need to go to heaven to find an Irish bar.

In heaven the wine is Italian and the mountains are Nepalese. Dinner is Indian and lunch is Thai. Breakfast is Spanish and served just before going to bed. Whatever the meal, the steak is from Argentina.

The nights are short in heaven because the days are Swedish and it’s always July. The trains are German and always on time. The drug laws are Dutch.

In heaven the sun is Greek and the rivers Lao. The golf courses are Scottish. The composers are Austrian and the school children are Korean; I didn’t spend long enough in either country to nominate anyone else.

Brook Silva-Braga