Trip Planning and Preparation (Part 2)

This is a continuation on my first post about trip planning and preparation.

Reading List

It turns out that the best airfare deal I was able to come up with sets me up to do a lot of solo travel. Between air-time, connections, layovers and all that jazz I am looking at about 48 hours of round-trip traveling. Some great books will make that time pass by faster, though I want to avoid getting so caught up in the books that I miss out on some great experiences.

While it may be a bit of a cliché, I have a bit of a theme for the books I’ve chosen so far. The theme is something along the lines of “Traveling and how it changes you”. The first book on my list, is The Motorcycle Diaries. The book is about Che Guevara’s travels through South America during his youth and the ways that it changed his view of poverty and the “South American” way of life. His itinerary is one that I would love to one day imitate.
While The Motorcycle Diaries follows the story of a man traveling throughout South America, Into The Wild follows a man traveling throughout North America. Watching the movie and doing some research on Christopher McCandless, I’ve really fallen in love with his story of adventure and tragedy.

I would like to bring two more paper-backs though I am not sure which ones. Suggestions would be most welcome! I would like to pick two more books that fit my little theme, though I would be happy to venture off the theme for a strong recommendation.

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The core of mans’ spirit…

The core of mans’ spirit comes from new experiences.

Alex Supertramp, Into The Wild