Art in the 21st Century

In the 21st century, if you are not making art with the intention of it being copied, you are not making contemporary art.
– Cory Doctorow

Teva Life Agent Grant

Mount Washington


I almost sprayed a coat of hot coffee all over my monitor when the words came up “Your Dream. Our Money. Earn it.” emphasized by the fact that the number “10,000” never looked quite so good. The marketing think-tank at Teva (pronounced “teh-vah”), makers of sandals and shoes made popular by adventure seekers of all types, really had something going. Their new promotion, a contest coined “Teva Life Agents”, is promising $10,000 not one but various new “Life Agents” that are willing to share the stories of their corporately funded adventure through blog posts, photos and videos. (more…)

Stars and Dreams



For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.
– Vincent van Gogh

Interview with Big D and the Kids Table (Part 2)

You don’t need 90% of what you have. You buy these things to make your life a little bit more enjoyable.  I say, save money for a year and go to India, Thailand, Vietnam, or start with England.
David McWane

We pick up where we left off and continue last week’s interview with David McWane from Big D and the Kids Table.




Month in Review: May 2010

May has been exciting month with new features and exclusive interviews!

I began revising the posts on my trip through Southeast Asia in 2008. Here are a list of posts updated so far: Destination: Chiang Rai, ThailandTrip Planning and Preparation (Part 1)Trip Planning and Preparation (Part 2)OrphanageTrekking in Chiang RaiThe Thai Islands and Angkor Wat

Discussions on what really motivates people at work or while traveling. Dan Pink shares some great insight on why people ditch their cubicles in favor of their backpacks.

Our very first monthly feature is introduced this month. The Vagabond Cheat Sheet is already gaining popularity! We cover topics from geography, economy to what the international humanitarian organizations are doing.

We uncover loads of information on the little-known country of Timor-Leste in the very first Vagabond Cheat Sheet.

An exclusive interview with David McWane of Big D and the Kids Table where we sit down to talk music, volunteering and travels.

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