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Playing For Change, Stand by Me

[vimeo 2539741]

This video was my first introduction to Playing for Change project where vocals and instrument melodies were recorded from musicians from around the world and edited together resulting in one of the most beautiful and touching songs I have heard. There are more videos and songs now that the project has gotten more popular. Check out Playing for Change for more information.

Let the world change you

Chilled with this site

Santhosh Janardhanan

Let the world change you… and you can change the world
– The Motorcycle Diaries (Movie)

We Can Live Anywhere

One of my favorite songs off the record Fluent In Stroll by Big D and the Kids Table

Yushu Earthquake, 12 days later – The Big Picture

Yushu Earthquake

Yushu Earthquake, 12 days later – The Big Picture –

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