Introducing: Tinkerdroid

TinkerdroidI am very excited to announce some great news! Last month I launched a side project that I have been working on called Tinkerdroid. Tinkerdroid is a question and answer site much like stackoverflow but with a focus on the Android mobile platform by Google. The idea is that Tinkerdroid will become a great resource for beginners, experts and everyone in between.

Tinkerdroid is the first real project that I have begun with the aim of generating a new revenue stream.  As you may imagine, launching a project like this requires a considerable amount of time, resources and know-how. Of the many challenges that I’ve been faced with undertaking this new project, online marketing is where I find myself struggling with the most, but I am making efforts to learning more about it and getting the word out there.

The site was launched into a beta in mid-July. On July 29th, a press release was published announcing both the launch of the site and a contest in an effort to attract visitors. In retrospect, two press releases should have been published as to maximise the exposure. The first press release covering the launch of the beta and the second press release with details about the contest.

I have undergone a couple of minor marketing campaigns to attract visitors, but they were not effective and, to be very honest, not very well thought out – I’m learning, I’m allowed to do that! 🙂 The campaigns have included a twitter account, and posting on some Android related communities, which made me feel like a dirty spammer. A filthy, dirty spammer… and this is exactly why I have decided to take a step back, analyze the situation and make a proper marketing strategy (possibly following some of NetSetter’s articles).

With that said, I plan to chronicle my adventures in this new business venture in the form of lessons learned that so that I can look back and others may get some use out of it as well. Here are some topics I plan on covering:

  • Initial Concept and Business Plan
  • Technology
  • Marketing Strategy

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