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Mount Washington


I almost sprayed a coat of hot coffee all over my monitor when the words came up “Your Dream. Our Money. Earn it.” emphasized by the fact that the number “10,000” never looked quite so good. The marketing think-tank at Teva (pronounced “teh-vah”), makers of sandals and shoes made popular by adventure seekers of all types, really had something going. Their new promotion, a contest coined “Teva Life Agents”, is promising $10,000 not one but various new “Life Agents” that are willing to share the stories of their corporately funded adventure through blog posts, photos and videos.

The contest began on January 21st with quite a bang and was made official with a press release and a new website. This was followed up by a launch party in Salt Lake City promoted by Chali 2Na, the former front man of the alternative hip-hop band Jurassic 5. The hard-to-pronounce-rapper was not the only celebrity there. Teva has selected five celebrity Life Agents to jumpstart the program. Clearly, Teva is putting in a great deal of effort into promoting the new marketing campaign by pushing a lot of momentum into the launch.

The current round-up of Life Agents that have been hand selected by Teva include film makers Wade Davis and Jason Goldwatch, Mountain Biker Jeff Lenosky, Kayaker John Grace and Kick Kennedy, granddaughter of the late senator from Massachusetts, Robert F. Kennedy. Kick Kennedy has starred in an adventure IMAX film sponsored by Teva. Life Agent and filmmaker Rush Sturges won first place prize in the 13th Annual Rosenheim Kayaking Film Festival in Germany. These hand selected Life Agents will make up the panel of judges that will deem new adventurers worthy of the $10,000.

According to the official rules, Teva is looking for the Life Agents to be “the new representative face of the Teva brand”. Applicants are to pitch their dream project ideas to Teva through either a written or video essay and Teva promises a $10,000 grant to those selected to be the new Life Agents to fun their respective projects. Along with the $10,000 grant, Teva Life agents would be supplied with a Flip Camera to document their projects and about $540 of Teva Footwear. Projects must “involve adventure travel” and must be completed within six months of being accepted. The projects must be well documented via blog posts, photos and video and those applying must confirm their ability to access the internet throughout the project. Teva is also imposing six public appearances over the course of one year. Not a bad deal at all, if you ask me. The major downside to this whole deal is that it is only available to US Residents, which is very unfortunate for our non US readers.

There are no restriction on the kind of adventure and claims that “anyone who embodies the Teva lifestyle” is eligible – meaning, you do not have to be a mountain biker or a white-water rafter to give this contest an honest shot. Projects will be judged on the basis of creativity, originality and “best project”. Current video applicants include a mom who wants to take her two children, or “monkies” as she refers to them, on vacation, a filmmaker who would like to summit Mount Everest, mountain bikers, kayakers, snowboarders and a world-traveling couple are just some amongst the many submissions so far.

On April 26th, Teva selected their first Life Agent winner. Randy Pierce will use his $10,000 grant to hike forty-eight of New Hampshire’s highest peak, including Mount Washington, the highest peak in the East Coast. Randy, who lost his sight at age twenty-two, will be accompanied by his guide dog, Quinn.

Teva will continue accepting applications for Life Agents throughout the year. The only thing left to do is to take out the video camera or a pad and paper and start working on your submission. If you do apply, please let us know in the comments and share with us your ideas. So go ahead and tell us: What would you do? Do you think you have what it takes?

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