Interview with Big D and the Kids Table (Part 2)

You don’t need 90% of what you have. You buy these things to make your life a little bit more enjoyable.  I say, save money for a year and go to India, Thailand, Vietnam, or start with England.
David McWane

We pick up where we left off and continue last week’s interview with David McWane from Big D and the Kids Table.

David McWaneVinny: Reading through your websites, I came across some information on the humanitarian effort “A First Step”. What are some of the challenges of setting up an organization such as “A First Step”?

David: Time and capital.  I always liked the lyric, “If you’re bored than your boring”.  People should take advantage of their free time, because as you get older it become less and less.  I’m taking your question down a different road, but I will double back.  To anyone reading this and I know you have heard it before, but turn off the TV, cut down on Facebook and use your productive years to be productive.  Everything from girls and boys, parties and more will come – try and make a difference while you are young and you will be that much more brilliant later.  If you party on Friday, do something that makes a difference on Saturday.  If you work 8 hours a day at your job, work at least half after for your future.  Push yourself.  So back to your question of ‘challenges’ well I would say time and capital.  For us people who are not from fortunate families our climb up is much slower, much steeper.  To be honest the challenges are endless, but aren’t they always.

Vinny: Mark Twain once said that “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness”. What are some of the things you have learned through traveling that you would not have of learned anywhere else?

David: How little we all know.  And that if you don’t educate yourself throughout your life and become bigger than your emotions, then you will most definitely become one of the prejudice, narrow-minded bigots of this world.  Don’t just be an American or French, or an Aussie or this or that…see the world and become a part of everyone.

Vinny: The song titled “New England” from “The Gypsy Hill” album clearly shows that you guys have a love for New England (and so do I). What is your number two place in the world?

David: The rest of the world.

Vinny: The song titled “We can live anywhere” (and its video) from the latest album (I feel) resonates amongst independent travelers. What does this song mean to you?

David: People often have jobs they hate, apartments they hate, friends they hate, lovers they hate and still don’t understand that it is themselves that anchor themselves there.  As easy as it is to drive to the mall and buy a new stereo, it is to jump on a plane and see the world.  Give in to frugal spending.  You don’t need DVDs or coffees from Starbucks everyday; you don’t need 90% of what you have. You buy these things to make your life a little bit more enjoyable.  I say, save money for a year and go to India, Thailand, Vietnam, or start with England.

Vinny: Big D and the Kids Table have been around for a long time and you guys have built up a very dedicated fan-base. Big D and the Kids Table have a varied fan-base consisting of people of all ages. What do you hope to inspire in people with your music?

David: Well for me I hope people can go instantly from a bad mood to a good mood, from dread to hope.  That’s what Iron MaidenOperation IvyMelt-Banana and Yelle do and have done for me.  But from me, I hope for them they never stop learning and never stop traveling until they have seen this world.

Vinny: Follow up: How do you feel, as artists, about the amount of influence you have on your fans?

David: Sometimes I feel nervous and confused, because no one feels like they truly have the answers – or one shouldn’t.  I just do my best to field the questions given me.  My angle is this…I am a dyslexic, lower middle class kid, my future should have been school, college, small jobs, a girlfriend, a wife, a slightly better job, kids and never leaving New England unless I go on an expensive two-week tropical vacation.  Through this band and from reading and reading and reading I have fought very hard for something better.  No I don’t not look at every day as my last, I half think that and I half think of my future.  I have been running from Man for 14 years, I know who I was before and I know who I am now and I just want everyone reading this to take it a goal to become the greatest person you can.  Just remember no one will think it’s a good idea until you return.

Vinny: What are some projects we can look forward to in the future?

David: I  have two new books coming out Running Young: Travels with David McWaneLet the Poets Come and Stop Me.

Vinny: What can we expect to see in the “Travel Diaries” section of your website?

David: You can expect a lot of Flip video and travel diaries from my 10 month solo travel around the World in 2011-2012 I am planning this year.  I am going to see the world and become a better man.  See how easy it is.

Thank you David for taking the time to answer some questions!

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  1. Jess Da Silva says:

    Great interview! I am glad to see a band I really like wants more than sell albums 🙂 Keep up the good work David!
    Ps: dont start in England…try South America if not Southeast Asia 🙂 a LOT cheaper!

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