Introducing Vagabond Cheat Sheet



This week I am proud to announce the newest feature of Awkward Silence! The new feature is called the Vagabond Cheat Sheet. Each month I will pick a country and do some research and put information together that a traveler or volunteer may be interested in before visiting a country. Information about currency, geography, organizations, humanitarian efforts, visas will all be part of the Vagabond Cheat Sheet. The Vagabond Cheat Sheet is not supposed to replace a good travel guide. It’s more of a quick overview of the country looking at it from the perspective of “what might it be like to travel or volunteer there?”

The first feature will focus on the young nation of Timor-Leste. Primarily because I do not know much about it but would love to learn more. If you have any recommendations of which countries you would like to see covered in this feature, please add a comment below. I am also looking for feedback to what information would be useful to add and what information could be removed. Working on my very first cheat sheet, I have already learned a lot of Timor-Leste that I did not know about before!

Look for the very first Vagabond Cheat Sheet later this week!

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