Interview with Big D and the Kids Table (Part 1)

Big D and the Kids Table

Don’t just be an American or French, or an Aussie or this or that…see the world and become a part of everyone.
-David McWane

Big D and the Kids Table have been rocking out in Boston since the mid-nineties. A product of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, their sound has grown and evolved. Big D and the Kids table is not easy to describe, borrowing from various influences calling their music ska would be an understatement. Flavors of reggae, punk, and rocksteady can all be tasted in the mix of their albums.

Recently, I’ve had the spectacular opportunity to exchange some words with vocalist David McWane about music, travel and volunteering. Dave is a busy guy with various projects lined up including a humanitarian project, authoring books and even writing his own film. All of this, of course, on top of his band.

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Vinny: I feel that as we go through life, we stumble upon people, or read books, or somehow stumble upon a message that influences us in our daily lives and alters our perspective. What are some of the biggest influences of your life?

David: Some of the bigger influences of my life have been Iron Maiden, Operation Ivy and Melt-Banana and now a band from France called Yelle.  I would then go on to say my father and the three girlfriends I have had.  Oh and I would have to mention traveling, seeing the States, Canada, Mexico, England, Wales, Scotland, and Europe.  All of these have taught me quite a lot and have shaped me, making me a brighter me.

Vinny: Through some of the research I have done, it seems like you guys have been involved in different organizations (Warped Eco, PWSA, A First Step). What are some of your favorite humanitarian organizations that you either have volunteered with in the past or would like to in the future?

David: These days my life is in a transitional place so I am unable to be involved in any organizations.  I do try to get A First Stepgoing and I support people who contact me to help their organizations, like ‘Stay Vocal’ and more.  But the two I do support the most these days are – Alexandra Cousteau’s Blue Legacy and her brother Philippe’s Earth Echo.  Water issues, from the oceans to our own water sheds should be on everyone’s front burner of awareness.

Vinny: What makes these organizations resonate within you?

David: Well, most organizations resonate with me, but I mention these because they are more part of my everyday, I know the people involved and live in the community of their actions.  Sadly I, like us all, would be more involved with more great organizations if leaders could take us by the hand and share with us the knowledge of how to replace action over awareness.  There are so many important issues to be involved in that it can be over whelming.  Hopefully I will branch out to more soon.

Check back next week to see part two of our interview with David McWane.

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