Thoughts on having a Positive Attitude

A couple of days ago my good friend Og presented to his blog followers a great article titled “Stop Whining and Improve your Life“. Og’s post goes into some details of the various “symptoms” one may observe when one suffers from the whining bug. Negativity is the general theme of the symptoms manifesting itself in various ways and becoming a constant in one’s life. The diagnosis is followed up by some recommendation  prescribed to ail the symptoms. One recommendation really stuck out to me. One that I think most people have a tendency to overlook and ignore.

This leads to my next advice: don’t automatically assume the worst from everyone! There is a huge difference between walking into a room where you’re already expecting the worst from others AND walking into this same room and not making assumptions about other people’s intentions toward you. If you remember to smile and don’t make negative assumptions, chances are that you’ll be more receptive to what other people have to say and you will also reply in a more receptive manner.

every cloud has a silver lining

by paparutzi

I think that this was also the meat of Og’s wise advice. To have a positive disposition to your life and consequently to the things that you do. Though, it seems like not everyone is agrees with these mantras. The funny thing is, that while the post itself was there to encourage positivity and to reiterate the age-old “glass is half full” optimism, there was a bit of negative comments.

It seems as if people invalidate the idea that actively being positive and optimistic does not change anything in their lives. And this is true! Being optimistic will not make you richer, it won’t cure your illness, it won’t get you a better job. Being optimistic is not a solution to anything. The point that folks miss is that being optimistic will raise your spirits and will make whatever hardships you face easier to deal with and more pleasant to cope with. It’s generally accepted that troops with high morale perform better than those with poor morale. Why would this be any different to individual civilians? The solutions to problems become clearer when you are not in the rut of self-pity. I would not be surprised if some of those who begin to practice optimism may find out that some of the things they thought were problems, turned out to just be nothing at all, like a strong breeze on a beautiful day.

2 Responses to “ “Thoughts on having a Positive Attitude”

  1. Greg says:

    I was one of those with negative comments. I was going to respond to your comment on Og’s blog, but the thread got weird.

    I think I and some others understood the post perfectly well enough, but still have problems with it. I think the problem may boil down to this: Og’s post was not positive! He could have stuck to “Recognize problems as opportunities.” and similar messages, but instead he attacked problem identifiers as “whiners”.

    Some people when confronted with someone complaining say, “Well, what can we do about that problem.” Others shoot the messenger. Og, with that bit of negativity, seemed like one of the latter.

  2. Vinny says:

    Hi Greg,

    I do agree, things did start getting weird over there. I think I see your point now. I can see how reading the post can come across as a criticism rather than as a message on optimism. I guess I have known Og long enough now to see past the specific wording and get to what I quoted above in this post. Thanks for clearing that up in a constructive manner.

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