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Blogs and I, well, we go way back. I have been blogging in one manner or another for since 2001, possibly before it was even called “blogging” and it was just a “News” section in a personal website that I through together with badly written HTML after school hosted by some free hosting provider (remember those?) with enormously long URLs that had to be deciphered by trained cryptographers. From the free hosting I moved onto paid hosting and my own silly domains and eventually onto CMS or “Blogging” platforms and more professional domains names (not that my current domain name is exactly a CV improvement).

During it’s initial incarnations, the blogs and websites served mostly as diary-like posts that my friends and family would see and it would doubly server as a play-ground for me to try out some new piece of technology, of which I have seen many. I have dabbled in DotNetNuke, .Text, CommunityServer and I am sure others that I am missing. It turned out that the blogs would end up containing a tad too much personal information…becoming a bit problematic to keep up-to-date. It’s always that delicate line that one must balance when dealing with professional and personal content and where the two meet, where the two overlap and where the two should probably not mix. How much do you expose of yourself through a blog? Do you really want everyone to know about that? Who will judge you? “If your girlfriend reads that, she’s gonna be pissed!” “What do you mean you don’t like my cooking!”

At some point in 2007, I discovered Tumblr and the concept really appealed to me. Adequately described as the intersection of Twitter and Blogger, it seemed to be just what I needed to communicate some thoughts, links, photos, videos and not have to put anything else behind it – and therefore stay in the clear. I retied my older blogs and began fresh with Tumblr, turning a new leaf. I also made a point not to put my last name anywhere, just so that neither anything I write nor anything that people may leave will come to bite me in the ass. I could post some stuff, and some personal things here and there and since anonymity was maintained, the harm was much less. Though, I must admit, I do have some social networking sites pointing back to this URL. If I will keep it this way will have to be seen in time.

Back on topic.. being the geek that I am, Tumblr was not enough. I had to find a way to host it and tweak it myself and this had brought me to the Chyrp platform. Using the Chyrp tools I was able to migrate to Chyrp without loosing any of the Tumblr posts. I was very happy with it for quite a long time, but let’s just say that there were irresolvable differences between us, and it was decided best to part ways.

Which brings me to present time. This year, as part of my own little goal initiatives, I have decided to pay a bit more attention to my Blog and attempt to monetize a bit upon it (before you ask, I only have low or no expectations). I have decided to install and configure WordPress on this domain for my new blogging platform. For all the same reason that just about everyone else in the world uses WordPress, now, so do I. I am in the midst of the migration… I will be bringing over posts that go all the way back to 2007 and my Tumblr days. Unfortunately, I have lost the Chyrp comments, cest-la-vie. I do still have a couple of tasks to complete though:

  • Migrate over tags from Chyrp
  • Categorize
  • Convert image and link feathers to posts
  • Route feedburner to new wordpress URL
  • Setup a non-default WordPress Theme
  • Update this post with links
  • Configure WordPress (I know, it never actually ends)
  • Setting up Ads
  • Setting up Analytics
  • SEO
  • Anything else I can think of until then…

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