Lunch at the BLC

Saturday morning I spent with an experience group of volunteers at the Boston Living Center. I am making a bad habit of arriving ten minutes late to places where I volunteer. I am still trying to get the hang of things and how to get into Boston and park and whatnot…In my defense, I am usually the volunteer that travels the most, but that is certainly no excuse! I’ll have to leave earlier next time, and I’ll be taking the T into Boston.

I spent most of my time in the kitchen making sure the larger pots and serving trays and other food containers were washed. It was a different atmosphere since most of the volunteers at the BLC were "veteran" volunteers who have been volunteering there for years. Everyone knew what they were doing and what they had to do to run a flawless show. I did my best to make myself useful and be as much help as I could.

Having kitchen duty, while not bad at all, somewhat limited my interaction with the folks that came in for lunch. Instead, I had an opportunity to chat and learn from the other, more experienced volunteers.The really busy time in the kitchen is just after folks finish eating, which sounds so obvious, but being so used to serving at other places, I was somehow expecting it to be busy as folks arrived.

Another great experience volunteering in the Boston area. If the opportunity arises, I’ll definitely sign up to help out at the BLC again. 😉 

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