So, I probably look like a complete slacker. I’ve not updated this thing in a bit I must not be doing much!

Not the case!

So what have I been up to? I was actually scheduled to help test out some computer systems for donations couple weeks back, but since i was not feeling well at all that weekend, I decided to cancel it.

For the last month or so, I’ve been volunteering from home for the International Humanities Foundation. I have been placed in the Volunteer Task Team; specifically, I help assign new volunteers to different tasks. Things started a bit bumpy. The organisation was in the middle of making some changes to their application process and, at first, I was a bit lost. Now that I’ve spent many weeks with the process and working with the folks, I am becoming very comfortable with my task and doing my best to get it done.

While I’ve volunteered locally less, I still have continued volunteering. It may not be for a couple of more weeks before I do volunteer locally again. With Mother’s Day coming up, I will be spending a weekend delivering flowers throughout the metrowest area.

I’ve also been trying to sneak in a bit more personal time on the weekends as well. 🙂

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